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Illustrate Your Impact Goals with Logic Model Heat Mapping

A Useful Tool for Nonprofits, Foundations, and Coalitions

The work you do in the social sector is likely unique in its mission and programs. As unique as it is, social sector organizations like yours share the common goal to “move the needle.” They may work towards improving conditions for local youth or inspiring local creativity by supporting the community arts scene. No matter your mission, it is important to ensure your activities are clearly aligned with your ultimate social impact goals. To that end, we have produced three videos that demonstrate how you can use logic model heat mapping to strengthen the alignment between your group’s mission and activities.

Heat mapping is used to visually demonstrate where a group like yours is most active with regard to its stated activities and goals. In less than ten minutes, you can learn how to use this visual tool to help accomplish your group’s goals. Each video is tailored to nonprofit organizations, foundations, or coalitions.

Logic Model Heat Mapping for Nonprofits

This video shows you how to inventory your nonprofit’s programs and then create an organizational heat map. Heat mapping will illustrate where you are focusing your activities and what to do if your activities are not aligned with your group’s goals.

Logic Model Heat Mapping for Foundations

This video walks you through using a funding cohort to illustrate the alignment between your foundation’s support and ultimate mission. Heat mapping will confirm whether your foundation’s supported activities align with your mission and will help you think through whether your foundation needs to make adjustments in its support.

Logic Model Heat Mapping for Coalitions

This video will allow you to quantify the activities of the groups in your coalition in the context of your coalition’s logic model. It will also provide tips on how your coalition can act on the information you learn from logic model heat mapping.

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