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A Journey From GenCon to Social Impact

“Gaming brings people together” – Lisa Su, CEO, Advanced Micro Devices This year, I had the unique opportunity to attend GenCon2023, North America’s largest tabletop game convention. With an estimated attendance surpassing 70,000, this year’s event gathered game designers, developers, distributors, and enthusiasts in...

Charles Gasper

August 28, 2023


Spotlight on TCC Group Changemakers: Amitis Oskoui

How do you incorporate equity into your work? To me, social impact is synonymous with advancing equity. I don’t believe we can have a positive impact on society without also ensuring our society reflects the diversity of our communities, and that those communities’ voices...

August 28, 2023


Sparking New Collaborations and Deepening Relationships with Learning Communities

For funders considering various mechanisms for broader and deeper levels of engagement with organizations and stakeholders, Learning Communities are a powerful tool. They support the development of trusting and thoughtful relationships, cultivation of allies and supporters on mission-aligned topics, and establishment of credibility and...

Erica Weinberg, Tiffany Smith

August 28, 2023

Special Feature

Spotlight on TCC Group Changemakers: Dwyane Williams

How does keeping equity and diversity at our core help you to guide your work with clients and prepare them for what’s next? I see the work that we do as a way to fill in gaps. Through opportunity, education, and strategy I am...

May 3, 2023


How Do We Design Meaningful Strategies with Communities? We Listen!

The only way to understand what a community really needs is to ask them, listen carefully to what they say, and show up authentically every step of the way.  At TCC Group, we name this deep listening, and it guides the relationships we have...

Jesus A. Barrios, Marysol Fernandez Harvey

May 31, 2023

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