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Spotlight on TCC Group Changemakers: Lisa Frantzen

As we enter the next part of 2023, how do you think about ensuring readiness in your work with clients?

Our team has evaluated advocacy work around the world. The complexity of this work requires an understanding of both forward and backward movements and how those affect an overall picture of policy change. We think about and evaluate change on the continuum of awareness, will, and action and how different audiences may or may not be moving along this continuum.

How have you seen your work at TCC Group make an impact?

Many times, programs are up and running and stakeholders involved in the programs don’t take the time to reflect on what is working, what is not working, and even if the partners are working toward the same goals. We are able to come in and help identify how the program can more effectively articulate what the goals are, and ensure they are advancing towards achieving them. What I really love is when we can help strengthen a partnership between a funder and a program implementer in our role as a third-party evaluator- we have helped surface assets and challenges in partnerships, and developed concrete recommendations for how they can grow. Being able to play this role as an evaluation and learning partner is one of my favorite parts of the job!

What innovative approaches are you bringing to your work?

The data that organizations collect is only meaningful if they can use it to further their social impact goals. My aim is to always help guide our evaluations so that they tell the stories of those impacted by the work, help improve programs and systems, and ultimately advance our clients toward creating impact. I do this by using a range of methods including real-time data collection, centering an equitable evaluation approach, and engaging clients and their stakeholders in sense-making sessions that prepare them to take meaningful action. My whole approach is geared towards strengthening their organization and leaving them with tools and frameworks to guide strategic decision-making long after our engagement with them ends.

Tell us about a project you’re deeply engaged in right now.

A lot of my evaluation work has centered on health and racial equity. I’ve worked with clients like the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the American Medical Association to measure and understand progress on and barriers to changing organizational policies and practices, developing community leaders, changing norms within the broader field, and reflecting on their own equity practices.

TCC Group strives to live our values of Quality, Diversity, Collaboration, Learning, Whole Self, and Resourcefulness- which one resonates most with you personally?

It’s hard to choose one. Having worked extensively in international and intercultural environments, I’ve learned that my work is most successful when I am open to listening and learning from those around me, particularly when they are coming from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Collaboration and resourcefulness are also values I bring to my work with every client. I have also become much more attentive to how we are all “whole people” who have up times and down times, which can help to foster deeper relationships.

What does it mean to you to be a part of social change work at this moment?

The need to come together to address social and environmental challenges feels more urgent than ever. The sustainability of our earth and our society demands it, and I can’t imagine having any other focus in my work.

You can learn more about Lisa and her work at TCC Group here.

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