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Spotlight on TCC Group Changemakers: Maritza Guzmán

In your view, what is the value of creating space to bring people together around a shared objective? 

Collaboration and learning are essential for me, both professionally and personally. None of us can do this work alone—especially when we’re trying to achieve lasting social impact. I am energized by creating spaces where my colleagues from across the firm, the funders whose programs and operations we manage, and the many innovative organizations these funders support can come together to understand each other’s perspectives firsthand and identify shared agendas. 

What innovative approaches are you bringing to your work? 

I look for ways to connect communities more closely to the decision-making process. There is great knowledge and wisdom in communities. Our charge is to create space to hear that wisdom, so that solutions continue beyond the grant. We’re innovating around ways to bring impacted communities more directly into funders’ decision making processes. I very much see my work as bridge building to advance the kinds of equitable relationships we’re all seeking.  

What do you think TCC does differently with our clients? 

TCC does not follow a “one-size fits all” approach. For example, we work with several family foundations and, as we know from our own experience, each family is unique. This means that our work is about far more than simply making grants and coordinating back-office operations. Every day we’re working to identify and build upon what makes each family special. It’s a dynamic process, as families and their priorities are continually evolving. 

Tell us about a project you are working on right now! 

TCC was just selected as the foundation manager for the Levitt Foundation. I’m excited by their grantmaking, which focuses on the nexus of youth leadership, community organizing, and food justice. It’s all about supporting young people to learn how to advocate for fundamental change in their communities. 

Can you share an example of a time you have seen your work at TCC make an impact? 

I am proud of the trusting relationships I’ve established with my clients, which enables me to support them when they are asking themselves tough questions about their priorities and approach. Over time, I’ve had the privilege of supporting several of these family foundations as they’ve increased their funding to address the root causes of inequity in our society.  

You can learn more about Maritza and her work at TCC Group here. 

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