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Spotlight on TCC Group Changemakers: Rebecca McPettit

In your view, what is the value of creating space to bring people together around a shared objective? 

We need to meet our clients and the communities they support exactly where they are and help them to do that with each other. Bringing together diverse perspectives to establish shared goals as well as the pathway to achieving them is the only way we’ll achieve equitable outcomes. A key part of creating that space lies in valuing the whole self of every individual, a concept that is embedded in TCC’s values and guides how we engage in our work.  

What innovative approaches are you bringing to your work? 

My role at TCC combines external client support and strengthening and streamlining our internal systems. My background in Systems Thinking has been critical to innovating in my position and understanding how the parts of each system interact with and influence one another. 

 What do you think TCC does differently with our clients? 

TCC consistently demonstrates how research, learning, and action can translate into holistic solutions for clients. This integrated approach to addressing their objectives enables us to create strategic solutions that permeate everything we do with them.  

Tell us about a project you are working on right now! 

We’ve just launched a round of grantmaking for a client that supports community organizations doing vital work focused primarily on LGBTQ+ communities of color impacted by HIV/AIDS. One aspect of my work is to support applicants with navigating the portal and grantmaking process, making the application process more equitable for a diverse group of stakeholders. 

You can learn more about Rebecca and her work at TCC Group here. 

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