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CCAT Facilitator Certification Program


For consultants and organizational development professionals looking to add CCAT facilitation to your consulting toolkit. Pre-approval required.


The Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT) facilitator certification program is designed for nonprofit consultants and organizational development professionals looking to add the CCAT to their consulting toolkit. Certified CCAT Facilitators provide expert guidance to a nonprofit’s leadership in order to contextualize the CCAT report and translate the results into meaningful organizational improvement. A facilitator’s ability to help contextualize the CCAT report and explore what it means to each nonprofit – through an interpretation session – amplifies the CCAT’s strength.

Certified CCAT Facilitators receive access to discounted pricing on CCATs, promotion on the TCC Group website, exclusive access to CCAT training materials and advanced learning opportunities, and personalized consultation hours with TCC Group. Certified facilitators also join our national (and international!) community of facilitators, providing in-depth capacity assessment services to help nonprofit organizations effectively deliver on their missions.

The certification curriculum is composed of a virtual classroom component, as well as a hands-on practicuum where participants conduct a CCAT interpretation session with one nonprofit organization.

Pre-approval is required for course registration. If you are interested in becoming a certified CCAT facilitator, please contact us at

Note: Course registration fee includes one CCAT assessment for a nonprofit organization for completion of the practicuum requirement. We highly recommend that participants identify a nonprofit organization to participate in a CCAT assessment and interpretation session prior to beginning the certification course, but we will also work with you to reach out to interested nonprofits.