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A Framework for the Effective Evaluation of Convenings

Over many years of attending convenings of varying sorts, and in many cases, being asked to evaluate the effectiveness of these convenings, it became abundantly clear that many conveners were convening with no clear sense of the value their convenings were meant to have or actually having for themselves and those they were convening. Given the vast resources spent on convenings, we believe evaluators have an obligation to lift up an examination of their effectiveness in the interest of the public benefit. In our recently released white paper, we provide a framework and offer questions and guidance for convening sponsors, implementers, and evaluators. The framework provides guidance for defining and evaluating convenings from conception through long-term impact.

This paper is not intended to serve as an exhaustive evaluation guide, but rather to serve as a vehicle for critical thoughtfulness regarding the use and utility of convenings. It provides sample worksheets, indicators, evaluative questions, and other framing guidance.

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