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At TCC Group, we are passionate about helping the social sector achieve greater impact. Since 1980, we have developed strategies and programs that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of foundations, nonprofits, corporate community involvement programs, and government agencies. From offices in New York City, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, we work with diverse clients – from large funders and nonprofits to smaller organizations that want to tap our knowledge to determine pragmatic ways to solve everyday problems.

Our consulting staff are excellent strategists, program developers, capacity builders, and evaluators. We have wide-ranging expertise and on-the-ground experience in fields such as education, arts and culture, community and economic development, human services, environmental conservation, and health care. We are critical thinkers, effective communicators, and skilled facilitators.

TCC Group is known for innovation and rigor. We offer hands-on support designing and implementing solutions that combine objectivity with enthusiasm, direction with responsiveness, and discipline with flexibility. Our unique strength lies in the ability to leverage knowledge from our complementary practices, which build on and inform one another. This holistic view informs every project, as we help clients devise strategies, implement plans, evaluate progress and outcomes, and make ongoing improvements.


CASE STUDY: Supporting Organizational Effectiveness Within Movements
CASE STUDY: Supporting Organizational Effectiveness Within Movements

Funders supporting movements face a unique set of challenges when trying to support organizations working for the same cause. In their efforts to increase organizational effectiveness, foundations invariably face questions of credibility and control, and sometimes encounter diverging understandings of success. This case study profiles how TCC Group – with its partner, the Wikimedia Foundation – developed an innovative, participatory approach to these challenges, resulting in increased organizational effectiveness in the Wikimedia movement. Download the case study here.

Marieke Spence
Game-Changing Philanthropy

Senior Consultant Marieke Spence recently wrote a blog post for the Stanford Social Innovation Review, commenting on an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Sean Parker ("Philanthropy for Hackers"). In the post, Marieke critique's Parker's approach and suggests some guiding principles for Parker to consider as he launches his new private foundation. You can read Marieke's SSIR blog here.

Why Doing Good is Good Business
Why Doing Good is Good Business

TCC Group's CEO, Richard Mittenthal, is featured in the current edition of Profile Magazine, a publication that "identifies and promotes innovation in prominent American industries."

Go to "Why Doing Good is Good Business" to read how Richard views the state of the sector and the role of TCC Group in helping nonprofits, foundations and companies achieve greater social impact.

Richard notes that "It is a great honor for the firm to be recognized in a national magazine that features companies that have distinguished themselves in their respective fields, ours being consulting in the social sector."

Richard welcomes your thoughts, feedback and ideas - you can reach him via email at

Ashley Blanchard
Rethinking the Role of Foundation Trustees in Grantmaking

It can be difficult to determine the right role for foundation trustees in the business of grantmaking. Ashley Blanchard, Associate Director of Philanthropy, examines the "trustee pendulum"—the tendency of foundation trustees to undulate between over-involvement and disengagement in the grantmaking process. Drawing on her experience as a consultant and trustee, Ashley offers several strategies to help foundation trustees use the grantmaking process as a learning opportunity, positioning them to more effectively fulfill their duties of strategy-setting and oversight.

A New Approach to Capacity Building
A New Approach to Capacity Building

TCC's Directors published "Relational Capacity: A New Approach to Capacity Building in Philanthropy" in the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy's winter journal. The article outlines a new vision of the relationship between funders and nonprofits, one that is collaborative, mutual and iterative. Today's complex challenges require more effective collaboration within and across sectors.

Marieke Spence
5 Steps to Leverage Your Philanthropic Impact with Non-Grantmaking Roles

Increasingly, funders want to take on more catalytic roles within their communities. Creative grantmaking can help them move in this direction. But without realizing the potential of their non-grantmaking activity—convening, advocating, training, or educating—foundations may be leaving significant value on the table. In a recent GrantCraft blog post, TCC's Philanthropy Senior Consultant Marieke Spence outlines a straightforward but holistic process for funders considering non-grantmaking roles using relevant examples from the field.

Tune Up Your Toolkit
Tune Up Your Toolkit

Toolkits have the potential to impact nonprofit effectiveness. TCC Group’s work evaluating toolkits has identified five essential elements of creating and maintaining this powerful resource.

Capacity Building 3.0
Capacity Building 3.0

Capacity Building 3.0: How to Strengthen the Social Ecosystem argues that it is time for a renewed conversation about capacity building. For years, the approach to capacity building has been limited to the capacity of nonprofit organizations. Today’s environment calls for a new framework that understands all actors to have their own capacity needs.

Ten Keys – Ten Years Later
A Framework for Successful Corporate Citizenship

A Framework for Successful Corporate Citizenship highlights the critical elements and practices used by leading corporate citizens, such as IBM and Starbucks. In this complex world, many companies make large capital investments in their citizenship programs but only few achieve their social impact goals.

Ten Keys – Ten Years Later
Ten Keys – Ten Years Later: Successful Strategic Planning for Foundation Leaders

Drawing on our client work in the intervening decade, TCC Group professionals have identified important key factors that help foundations overcome unique challenges, provide strategic clarity, and chart a successful path forward. In our latest briefing paper, Ten Keys – Ten Years Later: Successful Strategic Planning for Foundation Leaders, we discuss 10 factors that can help funders thrive in today’s philanthropic landscape.

Ohrstrom Foundation
Meeting a Family’s Growing Philanthropic Needs

Over the past 10 years, TCC Group has provided the Ohrstrom Foundation with administrative and grantmaking support and has guided its governance planning, program and operations, and grant assessment. Through our day-to-day management of the foundation, we identify and address emergent issues, drawing on our years of experience working with family foundations to develop solutions that balance effective philanthropic strategy within the unique context of family giving.

Advocacy Strategies for Policy Change
Advocacy Strategies for Policy Change

Commissioned by the Rockefeller Foundation, TCC Group’s latest research examines what motivates foundations to engage in advocacy, the methods they apply, and the results they achieve. Although the study focuses on federal policy, many of factors and strategies relate directly to foundation policy reform activities at all levels of government.

Coordinated Funding: Lessons from a Place-Based Grantmaking Collaborative
Coordinated Funding: Lessons from a Place-Based Grantmaking Collaborative

Three grantmakers in Michigan, including Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation, the United Way of Washtenaw County, and the Joint Office of Community and Economic Development, recently coordinated the leadership and funding of the region’s human service programs in order to maximize community impact. During TCC Group’s evaluation of the initiative, we identified several community assets and early successes that aided the implementation of this innovative funding model, which may prove useful to others considering engaging in such a collaborative effort. Read the executive summary and the full report.

Successful Corporate Citizenship: What Sets Leading Companies Apart?

TCC Group has launched a new, five-part blog series on CSRwire that explores the critical elements of effective corporate citizenship. Read more and learn about the framework and watch the recent webinar.

Certified B Corporation

TCC Group is pleased to be a Certified B Corporation, recognized for work that meets higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. We are passionate about helping the social sector achieve greater impact.

See more.

TCC Group Collaborates with GEO on New Scaling Resource

As part of Grantmakers for Effective Organization's Scaling What Works initiative, TCC Group participated in a joint research collaboration with Ashoka, Social Impact Exchange, and Taproot Foundation, to explore the question: How can grantmakers best support high-performing nonprofits in their efforts to grow their impact? The resulting publication, Pathways to Grow Impact, shares new learning about the variety of ways nonprofits are creating more value for communities and how funders are supporting their work. This publication offers a framework for understanding different approaches to scaling impact, stories from nonprofit leaders who have successfully grown their organization's impact, and practical recommendations for grantmakers seeking more effective ways to achieve better results.

Expert Advice on International Giving: Start Here

In her latest blog for PhilanthroFiles, Rachel Humphrey offers advice on how to get the most out of international site visits.

What’s Strategy Got to do With It?

Why we need to broaden philanthropy’s view of the social sciences. Director of Philanthropy Chris Cardona provides new insights in a recent SSIR blog post.

Equitable Relationships in International Grantmaking

When it comes to grantmaking, "how we do our work is as important as what we do," says TCC Consultant Rachel Humphrey. In her recent blog for The Association of Small Foundations, Consultant Rachel discusses a key ingredient for effective international giving: creating fair, equitable relationships. Read the blog.

Working in a Nonprofit Cohort

Learn about strategies and best practices when building the capacity of a group of nonprofits.

Chris Cardona
Welcome to the (Global) Accountability Class

Associate Director of Philanthropy Chris Cardona asks, “How do you hold yourself accountable for your mission?” in RE: Philanthropy.

Women Proven to be More Effective Nonprofit Leaders

TCC’s new research shows that while women leaders outperform men in nearly every way, they are not equally compensated. See the full infographic here. Watch it on Prezi.

Download a printable version here.

Gender Salary Inequity- Infographic

Ashley Blanchard
The Foundation CEO's Delicate Balancing Act: Aligning Logic and Intuition

Associate Director of philanthropy Ashley Blanchard blogs on the RE: Philanthropy site about "The Foundation CEO's Delicate Balancing Act: Aligning Logic and Intuition."

Doctor, Heal Thyself: Building the Capacity of Nonprofit Capacity Builders

Senior Partner Paul Connolly blogs about TCC Group's work helping funders to build the capacity of nonprofit capacity builders on the GEO Conference Blog.


In a guest blog for Advocacy Digest, Associate Director Susan Misra asks, "When you're leading a capacity-building initiative, are you willing to listen to other viewpoints, incorporate them into decisions, and even change course mid-stream?"


In The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Senior Partner Paul Connolly shares how philanthropy could benefit from the creative tension found when blending the objective, proactive, and accountability-oriented technocratic model with the passion-driven, opportunistic, and learning-oriented humanistic approach.


TCC Group Associate Director of Program and Grants Management and Capacity Building, Susan Misra, shares some best practices in capacity building on the SSIR blog Training for Nonprofits That Sticks? Yes, It's Possible! | Opinion Blog | Stanford Social Innovation Review


Lisa Ranghelli, Director of the National Committee for Responsive Philathropy's Grantmaking for Community Impact Project writes about TCC Group's recent capacity building work in California on NCPR's blog.


Senior Partner and Chief Client Services Officer Paul Connolly shares his thoughts about improving fund development capacity based on findings from the the Packard Foundation's new study on the Stanford Social Innovation Review blog.

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Melinda Fine
Meet Our Newest Director!

We are pleased to announce that Melinda Fine, Ed.D. has joined TCC Group as the Director of Philanthropy and Strategic Partnerships. Melinda brings over 30 years of experience in philanthropy and nonprofit strategy and management. Working with diverse, mission-driven partners, Melinda’s expertise includes leading, advising, and managing complex, multi-party initiatives and directing strategic thinking and learning toward results-driven programs and practices that yield positive outcomes for youth, women and girls, families and communities.