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Organizational Strengthening & Capacity Building

We partner with funders and nonprofits engaged in building and strengthening the skills, strategies, capacities, and systems required for mission achievement.

TCC Group delivers the spectrum of services social sector organizations need to maximize innovation, efficiency, and impact -not only for nonprofits, but for the full ecosystem of players committed to solving complex social sector problems.  We help you enhance your leadership capacity, envision your organization’s future, and appreciate your institutional values as an essential resource for building connections to ensure your organization’s day-to-day work does more than simply “get the job done,” As a trusted partner, we stand beside you – sharing insights, myriad learnings, and our own vast experience to pinpoint areas of greatest opportunity. 

For TCC Group, organizational strengthening goes far beyond conducting training or creating a strategic or business plan. Through open, informed, and collaborative communication we support a wide range of social sector organizations in identifying and prioritizing critical needs, internally and across the constituencies you serve. Our suite of self-assessment tools- Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT®), Foundation Core Capacity Assessment Tool (FCCAT), Relational Capacity Assessment Tool (RCAT), Advocacy Core Capacity Assessment Tool (Advocacy CCAT), Values-based Communication Diagnostic– places the decision making and motivation directly in the hands of those wishing to invest in institutional strengthening, providing opportunities for organizational leadership to align on those capacities most critical to build first. We then guide the crafting of tailored solutions to nurture creative, equitable, and durable solutions to power mission achievement. 

Our tailored approach delivers

Identification of Capacity Building Priorities

  • Implementing data-driven assessments of your organization’s leadership, adaptive, management, and technical capacities, as well as your culture.
  • Facilitating alignment of a shared understanding of your prioritization assessment.
  • Preparing a customized strengthening plan to build critical capacities your organization most urgently requires.

Staff Capacity

  • Assessing your staff assets, interests, and potential for growth in relation to your organization’s mission and desired impact. 
  • Creating comprehensive organizational structures to marry your mission-driven goals to the reality of your organization’s day-to-day processes. 
  • Assisting with human resources functions, from drafting job descriptions to orienting new staff to onboarding and coaching new leaders.

Board Capacity

  • Partnering with your board to determine the ideal size, composition, and function to best serve your organization’s evolving needs.
  • Building deep understanding among your board members of their roles, responsibilities, and ways they can guide organizational strategic direction most productively.
  • Supporting all of your board’s evolving needs through advising, coaching, group facilitation, and more.

Revenue Expansion and Diversification

  • Evaluating revenue streams to increase diversified income sources for your organization, avoiding over-reliance on limited or unpredictable resources.
  • Facilitating messaging that articulates your organization’s effectiveness and the impact it will have with additional donor investment.
  • Developing budgets to sustain your organization’s immediate needs and attract future growth financing.

Strategic Communications

  • Centering your organization’s values to build connections and mission clarity within your team and among your stakeholders.
  • Supporting you to conceptualize, design, and implement custom strategic communication approaches tailored to the ways you want to be heard and what you want to accomplish.
  • Developing values-driven communication strategies that resonate across your audiences and maximize the impact of your programmatic work.

Learning and Evaluation

  • Building the organizational muscles to understand what you need to measure.
  • Developing evaluation systems that work in the real world.
  • Delivering learning and insights to the right people at the right time.

Strategic Alliances and Mergers

  • Providing the due diligence and researching options to increase your impact through strategic alliances with others within your sector or with complementary cross-sector partners.
  • Facilitating Board discussions to weigh potential advantages or challenges in a prospective merger or strategic alliance and come to resolution.
  • Fostering a unified culture within newly merged or united organizations to ensure mission alignment, smooth operational transitions, and maximal retention.

Change Management

  • Guiding and supporting your organization to adapt to ever-evolving contexts while remaining focused on your mission and core priorities.
  • Building on the strengths and addressing possible limitations of your organization’s lifecycle stage.
  • Ensuring your organization remains attuned to the ecosystem in which it operates while preparing to take on new challenges and achieve even greater impact.
“The reason we keep coming back to TCC Group? The work speaks for itself. It’s unbiased and very customized. They design their trainings based on the CCAT and each organization’s needs; they don’t push their own agenda.”

Elina Alterman, Program Officer, Kansas Health Foundation

“The work that TCC did with the Wiregrass Foundation to initiate CapCONNECT was nothing short of transformational. But had it not been for the structure and expertise provided by you and TCC Group, I seriously doubt many of the organizations would have developed to current levels. In fact, some would not have made it through COVID.”

Dr. Barbara Alford, President, Wiregrass Foundation