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Eval4Action Youth in Evaluation Week

Session Title: Capacity Development Trainings for Young and Emerging Evaluators

Presented by: Seth Tucker, Analyst, Evaluation and Learning

Eval4Action is organizing a Youth in Evaluation Week holding 50 events around the world.The Mongolian Evaluation Association has teamed up with Eval4Action and American University to plan a Capacity Building Activity for Young and Emerging Evaluators in Mongolia within the global campaign of “Youth in Evaluation Week” with expected outcomes of:

  • Improved understanding of evaluation of YEEs
  • Improved knowledge of evaluation skills
  • Enhanced practical skills
  • Encouraged and strengthened YEEs in Mongolia

This session will explore different types of qualitative coding techniques, vocabulary and concepts, how to extract findings and present qualitative data, the necessary steps to collect data and conduct qualitative analysis, and how to code and analyze qualitative data in Word and Excel.

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