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Angela Kahres

Department: Consulting Staff

Angela Kahres

Behind-the-scenes oversight of processes, operations, and logistics Angela develops processes and procedures that inspire productivity, encouraging teams to achieve their goals and deliverables in the most effective ways possible. With more than a decade of progressive philanthropy experience supporting individual foundations and donor collaboratives investing in human rights, voting rights, and the arts, she recognizes … Continued

Emily Klukas

Creative, cross-field collaborator Emily is driven by a strong, personal commitment to community-driven solutions around stigmatized illnesses and identities. Drawing from her academic and professional experiences in international community public health and developmental psychology, she facilitates client insight by clearly synthesizing a range of information and perspectives from multiple sources to create an integrated picture … Continued

Owen Knight

Interpreting data to advance client growth “We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community… Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.”- Cesar Chavez At TCC, Owen brings interdisciplinary data analysis skills to create clear, … Continued

Rose Konecky

Puzzle solver and analytical storyteller “Numbers have an important story to tell. They rely on you to give them a clear and convincing voice.”―Stephen Few Rose has combined her deep understanding of data management and analysis with her passion for spurring learning and conversation to help a range of organizations—including those involved in arts programming, … Continued

Jessie Landerman

Dynamic problem-solver blending research, capacity-building, and narrative change Motivated by her belief in collaborative, interdisciplinary problem-solving, Jessie manages research, advocacy, communications, and strategy initiatives that drive innovative solutions forward. A skilled relationship builder, she fosters cooperation among academics, funders, researchers, and other stakeholders to uncover new insights for social change. Drawing on her background in … Continued

Vanessa Lara

Bridging HR and Finance to support an inclusive firm culture grounded in sound policies and a strong financial structure A staff champion and driver of efficient operations, Vanessa’s day-to-day interactions across HR, Finance, and Information Technology help inform and optimize firmwide resources. With over five years at TCC, Vanessa helps guide and support teams so … Continued

Steven Lawrence

Setting an analytic framework for discovery and insight “Human curiosity, the urge to know, is a powerful force and is perhaps the secret weapon of all in the struggle to unravel the workings of the world.” —Aaron Klug A national expert in the field of foundation philanthropy, Steven brings a worldview that is curious, unbiased, … Continued

Amy Lippincott

Implementing a broad range of evaluation methods to deepen understanding of human behavior, motivation, and perceptions “By the time your perfect information has been gathered, the world has moved on.”—Phil Dourado Educated in criminal justice, research, and analysis, Amy is a discerning observer of human behavior. Whether delving into law enforcement’s perceptions of human trafficking … Continued

Kiandra Morton

Providing support to leadership and driving operational efficiencies Responsible for supporting various aspects of the Nonprofit Effectiveness team’s daily functions, Kiandra’s background in the highly regulated finance industry lends to her ability to administer the firm’s protocols and apply operational efficiencies. Her high-energy and anticipatory tempo infuse those around her with confidence that she has … Continued

Megan Nickel

Managing all parts of the data ecosystem “The only kinds of fights worth fighting are those you’re going to lose, because somebody has to fight them and lose and lose and lose until someday, somebody who believes as you do wins.” – I.F. Stone. In her role as an analyst at TCC, Megan is driven … Continued