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How Can We Be Better Funders? Let’s Do the Homework

Sector: Nonprofit

Offering the CCAT to Your Grantees

Strengthen and support your nonprofit partners. Through TCC’s guidance, we have been able to demonstrate to our Board that our nonprofits are working better, smarter; they’re asking the right questions and finding their own solutions… We’ve also proven to nonprofits through TCC’s structure that we will help them to design a program that works for … Continued

CCAT Facilitator Certification Program

Want to add expert interpretation of TCC Group’s CCAT to your consulting toolkit? TCC Group has trained hundreds of nonprofit consultants around the world in using the CCAT to lead change in organizations. Certified CCAT Facilitators provide expert guidance to nonprofit leaders to translate assessment results into meaningful organizational improvement. Register today for our next … Continued

How Does the CCAT Work?

Built on decades of experience and research in capacity building, the Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT) measures a nonprofit’s effectiveness in four key ways.