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Now is the Time to Radically Reimagine Readiness

Sector: Companies

Now is the Time to Radically Reimagine Readiness

A focus on “readiness”—defined as the state of being fully prepared for something—has been ubiquitous in our sector since long before COVID-19 and the national movement for racial justice. Yet, as we take cautious steps to emerge from what feels like an endless suspension of normalcy, the concept of readiness has garnered renewed attention.   At TCC Group, we have been hearing an increasing number of readiness-related questions:    Are we ready to rebuild?   Are we ready for … Continued

A Framework for Successful Corporate Citizenship

A Framework for Successful Corporate Citizenship highlights the critical elements and practices used by leading corporate citizens, such as IBM and Starbucks. In this complex world, many companies make large capital investments in their citizenship programs but only few achieve their social impact goals.

Meet Me Where I Want To Be: An Ethnographic Research Study of Black Gay Men in Baltimore, Maryland, and Jackson, Mississippi

To kick off the ACCELERATE! Initiative, ViiV Healthcare commissioned an ethnographic research study beginning with a comprehensive environment assessment to familiarize the research team with daily life in Baltimore and Jackson. The assessment also helped to establish an understanding about the contexts in which Black gay men operate at home, in the clinic, and out … Continued

Partner-Centered Evaluation Capacity Building: Findings from a Corporate Social Impact Initiative

Funders can play a proactive role in helping to fill the gap between funders’ expectations and nonprofits’ ability to evaluate grant results. Using a partner-centered design, Johnson & Johnson piloted an evaluation capacity-building initiative that supported eight grantees in strengthening their ability to measure and use findings concerning health-related outcomes by focusing on key evaluation … Continued

Capacity Building 3.0: How to Strengthen the Social Ecosystem

The social sector has evolved to incorporate multiple stakeholders and organizations to solve social issues, working together in a larger ecosystem to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and scale. The process of building the systems, structures, and skills necessary for success in this environment, commonly referred to as “capacity building,” has played an active role in the … Continued