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Now is the Time to Radically Reimagine Readiness

Sector: Nonprofits

Now is the Time to Radically Reimagine Readiness

A focus on “readiness”—defined as the state of being fully prepared for something—has been ubiquitous in our sector since long before COVID-19 and the national movement for racial justice. Yet, as we take cautious steps to emerge from what feels like an endless suspension of normalcy, the concept of readiness has garnered renewed attention.   At TCC Group, we have been hearing an increasing number of readiness-related questions:    Are we ready to rebuild?   Are we ready for … Continued

Equity & Evaluation in Cultural Organizations

With unprecedented attention to equity issues throughout the culture sector, how can evaluation practice in cultural organizations be equitable as well as feasible and effective? Deepti Sood, Senior Consultant, spoke at an event of the Cultural Research Network and the American Evaluation Association.

The Secret to Building Fundraising Capacity

When you ask any nonprofit what it needs most, you will ALWAYS get the same answer…money. But is it really that cut and dried? The secret to successful fundraising actually lies in an organization’s ability to convey clearly WHAT it is raising money for, WHY it remains relevant in the social sector as a whole, … Continued

Targeted Capacity Building – CCAT® Refresher Course

A webinar recording from February 26, 2016, Julie Simpson at TCC Group spends one hour exclusively on targeted capacity building—what it is, why it’s valuable, and how CCAT facilitators can use this approach in future interpretations. The specific roles and responsibilities for nonprofits, funders, and local consultants are also clearly identified.

Strategic Planning—Is Your Board Ready?

When considering whether to embark on a strategic planning project, there are a number of questions for an organization to consider. Have you done planning previously and, if so, how did it turn out? Will you do this yourselves or might you need an outside consultant? If the latter, do you have a budget? By … Continued

Advocacy Core Capacity Assessment Tool (Advocacy CCAT)

As nonprofits increasingly recognize the value of advocacy—or are pushed toward advocacy by external stakeholders—building advocacy capacity is critical. Understanding what capacity to build and how to measure it is important. The Advocacy CCAT is a supplemental tool to TCC Group’s Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT), which presents an assessment of organizational capacity of a … Continued

Empowering Communities for TB Advocacy: The TAG-ICW Model

Over eight years, TCC provided formative data to Treatment Action Group (TAG) to help them understand the impact of their global work in TB and HIV. As part of that, TCC Group evaluated the quality and impact of their Advocacy Workshops, developed case profiles of individual activists, interviewed global stakeholders, and assessed the effectiveness of … Continued

Pathways to Grow Impact: Philanthropy’s Role in the Journey

This briefing paper is the result of a collaborative project with Ashoka, Social Impact Exchange, Taproot Foundation, and TCC Group that sought to answer the question: How can grantmakers best support high-performing nonprofits in their efforts to grow their impact? “Pathways to Grow Impact” is for any grantmaker who wants his or her grant dollars … Continued

Partner-Centered Evaluation Capacity Building: Findings from a Corporate Social Impact Initiative

Funders can play a proactive role in helping to fill the gap between funders’ expectations and nonprofits’ ability to evaluate grant results. Using a partner-centered design, Johnson & Johnson piloted an evaluation capacity-building initiative that supported eight grantees in strengthening their ability to measure and use findings concerning health-related outcomes by focusing on key evaluation … Continued