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Spotlight on TCC Group Changemakers: Kiandra Morton

This newsletter’s theme is taking action, with a focus on the approach taken to advocacy work through our services. Please share how you incorporate this in your work at TCC Group?

I’m currently working with a national civil rights organization on its strategic plan (specifically, succession planning).  Its mission is to promote and support a modern civil rights agenda, which includes fighting for equal opportunities for all people, one standard of justice, and decency for all.

The organization’s advocacy work consists of two levers: helping to influence policy and giving a voice to the voiceless. It works closely with Black and brown communities, where it is especially visible on issues of criminal justice reform and holding police more accountable. From the first meeting with the Board of Directors, I was in awe learning about its approach to the work and some of the obstacles it had to push through. It’s truly incredible to think of its arc, from the days of Martin Luther King, Jr. up to today. In the case of this civil rights organization, our support helps it continue to build advocacy capacity and provide a pathway for enduring success.

What do you think TCC Group is doing differently with clients?

We recognize our clients as experts in their field and see our job as providing a pathway for them to improve their decision-making. Rather than simply “recommending” or advising clients, we are true partners with them. Ultimately, our approach is rooted in empowerment, so that our clients have the tools and confidence to steer their own ships.

I think another key differentiator is that we lead our work with a great deal of humanity and compassion.  As a company, I believe we recognize the importance of being people-first and the power of being relational.  And, when I think of the internal shifts that many companies had to do during the pandemic (especially considering the racial reckoning), it was comforting to know that we at TCC had long been approaching our work with people-first, REDI (Race, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) lens.

Tell us about a project you’re deeply engaged in right now.

I’m working on Congregation Rodeph Sholom’s (CRS) first strategic plan. In this project, CRS has done incredible internal work to update their vision and mission and to think about its strategic direction for the next 3-5 years. This internal organizational work is essential, enabling it to grow and provide support to the communities it serves.

It is particularly fascinating and inspiring to see how the synagogue’s leadership (and especially that of Rabbi Ben Spratt) is so forward-thinking about understanding, and being receptive to, overall shifts in people’s practice of faith (of all kinds), and how the synagogue’s own demographic and generational shifts require them to pivot as an organization. They recognize that attitudes about faith are evolving and coming out of a 2-year pandemic, people are prioritizing (and at times re-prioritizing) their lives.  In the face of these myriad changes, the leadership appreciates that the synagogue needs to keep learning and evolving to prepare for continued future growth.

In the time that you‘ve been at TCC Group, share an example of how you’ve seen your work make an impact?

Over the last 4 years, TCC Group has continued to work on strengthening our internal REDI (Race, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) work.  And, in partnership with True North EDI last year, I helped shepherd a process of lifting and creating REDI values internally.

This process has allowed the firm to expand our awareness, providing us with the utmost insight and understanding to assist clients with navigating these waters.

TCC Group strives to live our values of Quality, Diversity, Collaboration, Learning, Whole Self and Resourcefulness, which shape our culture. Please share how at least one of these values resonates personally, and provide an example of this value coming to life in your work with clients?

I must say these are all great values, but I’ll talk about learning.  At my core, I’m incredibly curious so I’m constantly trying to learn and understand the things around me.  I think it’s integral to life.

In my client work, I am often helping organizations with various aspects of strategic planning. To be effective, I must first engage in a process of learning about the organization – their history, their vision and mission, their leaders, and their stakeholders. As projects progress, we must be attuned to learning about obstacles or simply new information as it becomes available. This continuous learning arms us with essential information to be an informed, active partner, which I believe is critical to the success of any client project.

What does it mean to you to be a part of social change work at this moment?

Being a part of social change at this moment means having some bearing on challenging the status quo and creating ripples (small and big), which I hope moves us in the direction of being a more just, equitable, people-first society.

You can learn more about Kiandra and her work at TCC Group here.

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