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Dreaming Bigger: Lessons Learned in Creating the AMP Grant Initiative

Being part of the cohort made me realize how much of a need there is… hearing about different programs and opportunities made me think about how we could be doing more and go bigger. I’ve always dreamed bigger to do different things, I just didn’t know how to go about it.
 Micro-grantee, ViiV Healthcare Positive Action AMP Grant Initiative

As funders are witnessing persistent and intersecting crises impacting the communities and issues they care about most, there is an increasing desire to create new mechanisms for equitable and long-term impact that shift power to communities. Over the past five years, ViiV Healthcare has piloted a unique approach to resourcing grassroots efforts, and community innovations through their Positive Action AMP Grant initiative. To reflect on the evolution and impact of the initiative, ViiV Healthcare commissioned TCC Group to develop this report, which highlights best practices for funders interested in resourcing grassroots efforts.

This report includes: 

  • Best practices for funders resourcing those with innovative community solutions
  • Lessons from the field for intermediary funders interested in developing micro-granting and incubation models that uplift and support community leaders and projects

The Positive Action AMP Grant initiative and Dreaming Bigger report highlights how TCC Group collaborates with clients to make a greater social impact through integrated initiative design and implementation, trust-based grantmaking, innovative evaluation and learning, and strategic communication. With the support of TCC Group, ViiV Healthcare has been able to better meet the needs of grassroots and emerging organizations and individuals leading at the intersections of movements to address disparities in sexual health outcomes.   

ViiV Healthcare has engaged TCC Group to co-design, implement, and evaluate its flagship micro-granting initiative, Positive Action AMP Grant.

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