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Our Own North Stars: Supporting the Next Generation of Leaders- Learnings from the Positive Action for Youth Initiative

“Each young person is so radically different- they each have their north star.  And our programs have to reflect that.”
– Adult Lead, Grantee Project, ViiV Healthcare’s Positive Action for Youth 

Funders seeking sustainable change to social issues affecting young people often use a ‘pause and reflect’ time to re-align and re-center to ensure equity and impact. ViiV Healthcare integrates such reflection and evolution into its community giving on an ongoing basis. To commemorate ViiV Healthcare’s Positive Action for Youth five-year milestone, TCC Group was commissioned to develop Our Own North Stars: Supporting the Next Generation of Leaders, a report that reflects on the evolution, learnings and impacts of the initiative.

This report can help funders find ways to create more flexible and transparent practices that encourage innovation. Organizations looking to improve health outcomes for young people will find learnings from the field on how to develop successful models that center young people and expand career development and pathways for employment.

The Positive Action for Youth initiative and Our Own North Stars report highlights how TCC Group collaborates with clients to make a greater social impact through integrated initiative design and implementation, trust-based grantmaking, innovative evaluation and learning, and strategic communication. With the support of TCC Group, ViiV Healthcare has been able to better meet the needs of young people in the United States and Puerto Rico by making a concentrated and ongoing effort to listen and connect with youth-focused community leaders, organizations and young individuals working in and adjacent to HIV spaces to assess and reimagine ViiV Healthcare’s goals—and to get a pulse on what’s important for youth living with and affected by HIV.

ViiV Healthcare has engaged TCC Group to co-design, implement, and evaluate its flagship youth initiative, Positive Action for Youth.

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