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American Evaluation Association: Evaluation 2023 “The Power of Story”

  • What Kind of Story Can Be Told By Your Organization’s Demographics?: Overcoming Challenges to Effectively Collect and Use Organizational Demographic Data”, Presented by Amy Lippincott
  • “Putting Descartes Before the Report: How the Grid Design System Can Help Tell Your Evaluative Story”, Presented by Rose Konecky
  • “What is Outcome Valuation and How Can it Help Tell a Story: Lessons from the Field”, Presented by Seth Tucker
  • “A Story of the Future of Theory-Driven Evaluations: From Better Theory Visualizations to Artificial Intelligence”, Presented by Charles Gasper, Stewart Donaldson (Claremont Graduate University), and Huey Chen (Mercer University)
  • “Looking at the Evolution of Networks to Tell the Story of Communities of People: Leveraging Time and Context in Social Network Analysis”, Presented by Charles Gasper and Seth Tucker
  • “Democratizing the Development of Theories of Change: Leveraging New and Older Technology to Give Voice to Individuals & Sectors, to Tell the Story of Programs and the Communities They Serve”, Presented by Charles Gasper and Rose Konecky
  • “Identifying Effective Storytelling Methods and Appropriate Audiences”, Presented by Kathleen O’Connor and Lisa Frantzen
  • “Commitments Made: A Journey Through Values-Based Evaluation”, Presented by Lisa Frantzen
  • “The Stories We Tell Ourselves About the Big, Bad Private Sector – Repositioning the Value Proposition of Evaluation in Corporate Contexts”, Presented by Jared Raynor, Morgan Buras-Finlay (Raya Cooper Impact Consulting), Jane Reisman (ORS|Impact), and Veronica Olazbal (BHP Foundation)
  • “Holding Funders Accountable: The Evaluation Power of Equity Audits”, Presented by Lisa Frantzen
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