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Lisa Frantzen

Associate Director, Evaluation and Learning

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Evaluating and building evaluation capacity in global communities

Lisa’s background in managing global programs for nonprofits and foundations and working closely with governmental and corporate partners positions her well to understand the data needs and challenges of her clients, and to increase the effectiveness of their social change efforts.

As a fluent Spanish speaker with international development experience in over 18 countries, Lisa is recognized for her ability to engage and address the needs of multiple stakeholder groups. Her Peace Corps service in Honduras and subsequent management of Latin American health programs prepared her to bring clarity and innovative solutions to evaluating program effectiveness in the context of differing needs and outcomes of regions, countries, and communities.

At TCC Group:
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Lisa has worked with the Gates Foundation to evaluate complex interventions that require an understanding of international contexts and the integration of multiple stakeholder voices. She has managed several large evaluations for the Foundation, helping to inform their investment strategy and to strengthen the programs of their nonprofit partners. Examples include:
    • PATH and Global Health Technologies Coalition: Lisa recently led an evaluation to understand the effectiveness of these partners in influencing policymaker support and funding of global health research and development. Learnings from this evaluation are being used to enhance the Coalition’s field positioning and peer network strategies.
    • Society for Family Health Nigeria: Looking to increase investment in family planning and family health in Nigeria, the Foundation worked with Lisa to conduct an organizational assessment of this NGO’s strengths and weaknesses and identify areas where the Foundation could support further capacity development for its important partner.
  • Johnson & Johnson (J&J): Lisa is working with Johnson & Johnson to develop a global evaluation framework that supports regional grantmaking strategies. She has worked alongside J&J staff and nonprofit partners to build both internal and external evaluation capacity by designing evaluation approaches and helping to develop a culture of thoughtful and deliberate use of data and learning. Lisa is also managing the evaluation of J&J’s GenH Challenge, a global social venture competition to address local health challenges in communities around the world.
  • Hand in Hand International (HiH): Working with this global nonprofit, Lisa helped to build an evaluation framework that served the needs of both the headquarters and regional offices. Using a highly interactive framework development process helped build evaluation capacity amongst HiH staff members, identifying what they need to achieve their desired impact and how that varies globally by region.
Before TCC Group:
  • Seedco & Changing Our World: Lisa worked with partners and clients to understand what data to collect, how to collect it, and how to use it to improve programs and facilitate conversations with stakeholders. This work required identifying and understanding the core data needs and working with partners to implement the appropriate systems to support the collection and use of that data.
  • AmeriCares: Managing programs in Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean, Lisa was responsible for establishing tools and processes to build the organization’s capacity to evaluate its work.
  • Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
    • MBA, International Development focus
  • Texas A&M University
    • BBA, International Management and Spanish focus
Additional Works:
  • Partner-Centered Evaluation Capacity Building: Findings From a Corporate Social Impact Initiative. (2018, August). Article published in The Foundation Review.
  • Evaluating the GenH Challenge: Ensuring High Quality Evaluation of Social Prize Competitions (2018, May). Presentation delivered at United Kingdom Evaluation Society Conference.
  • Creating Evaluation-Driven Learning Environments: Application of Rapid Cycle Learning Within National Leadership Development Programs. (2017, November). Presentation delivered at the American Evaluation Association Conference.
  • Making the Move to a More Dynamic Grantmaking Strategy : How Does Evaluation Keep Up? (2017, November). Presentation delivered at the American Evaluation Association Conference.
  • Strengthening Your CSR Impact Story with a Program Outcomes Framework. (2017, September). Presentation delivered at Northern California Grantmakers.
  • Are We There Yet? Applying Rapid Cycle Learning Methods to Evaluation Within a Foundation’s Program Design. (2016, October). Presentation delivered at the American Evaluation Association Conference.
  • Using a Participatory Approach to Evaluation Framework Development. (2016, October). Presentation delivered at the American Evaluation Association Conference.
  • Telling Your CSR Impact Story: An Outcomes Framework for a Portfolio of Programs. (2016, September). Presentation delivered at Philanthropy New York.
  • Developing Shared Measurements to Assess Health and Well-being in a Community-based Health Improvement Initiative. (2015, November). Presentation delivered at the American Evaluation Association Conference.
  • How do YOU define a leader? (2015, November). Session facilitated at the American Evaluation Association Conference.
  • Navigating Sudden Evaluation Detours Mid-Route. (2015, November). Session facilitated at the American Evaluation Association Conference.
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