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Virginia DelGaldo

Department: Leadership Team

Virginia DelGaldo

Financial clarity, strength, and stability An approachable and respected leader, Virginia is the financial steward and operational excellence accelerator for TCC Group. Focused on clarity, simplicity, and efficiency, she has a strong track record of advancing the internal systems and financial management of the firm. She recently implemented a leading-edge accounting and financial reporting system … Continued

Lisa Frantzen

Evaluating and building evaluation capacity in global communities Lisa’s background in managing global programs for nonprofits and foundations and working closely with governmental and corporate partners positions her well to understand the data needs and challenges of her clients, and to increase the effectiveness of their social change efforts. As a fluent Spanish speaker with … Continued

Richard Mittenthal

Leading, guiding, and informing strategy to achieve philanthropic excellence and address critical societal needs A veteran business leader, effective philanthropy expert, and enabler of social-sector impact, Richard is an early and fundamental advisor to some of the largest and most successful charitable foundations in the country. Standing at the forefront of philanthropic giving, he counsels … Continued

Jared Raynor

Guiding decision-making to maximize organizational effectiveness and community impact Jared’s natural and no-nonsense approach to evaluation, capacity building, performance management, and organizational development has seamlessly guided clients confidently through complex issues in a diverse array of sectors and content areas. From taste-testing handmade chocolates at a micro-enterprise in rural Nicaragua to interviewing a speedboat driver … Continued

Claire Schultz

Organizational champion and collaborative communicator capturing and elevating the knowledge and intellectual capacity of our people and partners to affect change in the social sector.   “Communication leads to community—that is, to understanding, intimacy, and mutual valuing.”—Rollo May A thought starter, idea builder, and concept driver, Claire inspires discussion, listening, and leading with purpose. Whether running an internal riff … Continued

Julie Simpson

Bringing diverse stakeholders together to foster meaningful change “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”—Aristotle Julie is a transformational leader and change agent distinguished in her ability to connect complex ideas that have seemingly unrelated parts and order them in ways that help a wide range of stakeholders with diverse goals get … Continued

Tiffany Smith

Passionate partner for social change through awareness, action, advocacy, and communications Determined and direct in her conviction to address issues of social justice, youth empowerment, and public health, Tiffany is the architect, organizer, and lead pragmatist supporting numerous nationally recognized health outreach campaigns and community capacity building and awareness initiatives. With a background in strategic … Continued

Deepti Sood

Evaluating for emergent learning and action “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”—James Baldwin A thought leader, writer, and speaker on evaluation in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors, Deepti is recognized for her ability to frame data in a clear, intentional way that leads to … Continued

Jennifer Stephens

Galvanizing dialogue among providers and vulnerable communities; amplifying approaches to establish trust and enhance care “They may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel.”—Carl W. Buehner Drawing from her experience working with essential hospitals who provide high-quality, equitable, and affordable care to their communities, Jennifer brings specialized knowledge … Continued

Ovuoke Ubogu

Cultivating an equitable, respectful, collaborative working environment where the organization can thrive “Do good to others just as you would like good done to you. We have committed the golden rule to memory, let us now commit it to life.”—Edwin Markham    Ovuoke brings a unique balance of professional expertise and lifelong passion for people … Continued