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ComNet 2022

Type: Speaking Engagement

ComNet 2022

Collaboratively Creating a Sex-Positive Narrative About HIV That Centers Black Women Learn how and why we’re changing the narrative about HIV with and for Black women Jessie Landerman, Senior Consultant with Integrated Initiatives, shares a poster presentation exploring our Narrative Creation process and lessons learned from disseminating the narrative within the HIV and public health communities, … Continued

Mozilla Festival 2022

Welcome to our Open Source community! Join TCC Group and members of the MERL Center (the monitoring, evaluation, research and learning community creating resources about the intersection of MERL and open source, for people of any technology capacity) at MozFest for this session to discuss the collaboration power of the MERL Center, which helps members … Continued

GEO’s 2022 National Conference May 18th 10:30-11:45 CT

Radical Readiness: Who Decides Who’s Ready to Solve Complex Social Problems? In the tumultuous last couple of years, grantmakers and grantees appreciate the only way to rebuild, re-energize and recover, is to work collaboratively to address complex social problems. It is no longer enough to focus on strengthening individual grantees with the hope of enabling … Continued

Equity & Evaluation Practice in Cultural Organizations

With unprecedented attention to equity issues throughout the culture sector, how can evaluation practice in cultural organizations be equitable as well as feasible and effective? How do evaluator/sponsor power relations, community participation, funding, and related issues shape evaluation designs and how results are interpreted, distributed, and used? In the first of a series of three … Continued

2020 American Evaluation Annual International Conference

The virtual experience will feature about 120 sessions over the course of four days, to be accessed from the comfort of your home or office. While the number of sessions is reduced from our annual in-person conference, you will have access to the virtual session recordings for three months following Eval20 Reimagined, allowing you to … Continued

PEAK Grantmaking 2020 Annual Conference

Tie Practices to Values. Narrow the Power Gap. Drive Equity. Learn, Share, Evolve. Steward Responsibly. Across three days in Seattle, join the grantmaking community to move these ideas to the front lines of philanthropy. Together, we’ll delve into how we can put the five Principles for Peak Grantmaking into practice—transforming how grants get made. Engage in … Continued

BoardSource Leadership Forum

BoardSource gathers more than 1,000 board members, chief executives, staff, and nonprofit professionals for two days to discuss the newest thinking and best practices in nonprofit governance and leadership. Through plenary sessions, workshops, discussions, presentations, and networking events, participants learn how to guide their organizations toward greater impact and mission fulfillment. Thursday, May 7 4:30pm … Continued

2019 American Evaluation Annual International Conference

Wednesday, November 13 12:00pm – 3:00pm: 55: Concepts, Design Strategies, and Instruments for Evaluating Advocacy and Policy Change Initiatives Presenters Annette Lenore Gardner, Assistant Professor, University of California, San Francisco (Lead Presenter) Jared Raynor, Director, Evaluation & Learning, TCC Group 5:45pm – 6:30pm: 2648: The Art of Storytelling in Evaluation Ijeoma Ezeofor, Consultant, TCC Group … Continued

Health Equity Research Learning Exchange

Hosted at the 2019 Grantmakers in Health Annual conference, the Health Equity Research Learning Exchange is part of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s (RWJF) institutional effort to advance health equity through the new Health Equity Research Initiative: Exploring New Frontiers of Health Equity Research. The Initiative will encompass a sustained and collaborative set of learning dialogues, … Continued