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The Communications Network Annual Conference- ComNet24

Type: Speaking Engagement

The Communications Network Annual Conference- ComNet24

At the Table But in the Corner: Real-World Responses to Integrating Communications for Greater Social Impact  From high-level values alignment to day-to-day ways of working, and maverick approaches, communications professionals in varied organizational environments and positions of power are finding ways to up their impact. This poster presentation by Kate Emmons focuses on key learnings from … Continued

Games for Change Festival

Evaluating the Social Impact of Games: Do You Know What You Need? In this workshop, join Charles Gasper, as he models impact for gaming and immersive media, speaks briefly to the unique contribution that games and immersive media can make in affecting social change, and then presents steps for evaluation of the impact. This interactive … Continued

Grantmakers in Health Annual Conference on Health Philanthropy

“Show Me the Money: Bold Approaches to Shifting Power to the Grass Roots” Panel presentation by TCC’s Marysol Fernández Harvey, Associate Consultant, Integrated Initiatives, Dr. Sulma Gandhi, Hawaiʻi Health Program Officer at the Stupski Foundation, and Lauren Wilkie, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Point Source Youth. The program will be moderated by TCC’s Emily Klukas, … Continued

Democratizing the Development of Theories of Change

Leveraging New and Older Technology to Give Voice to Individuals & Sectors, to Tell the Story of Programs and the Communities They Serve   Thank you for attending the Democratizing the Development of Theories of Change presentation at Evaluation 2023 focusing on Concept Mapping! We hope you enjoyed it. If you would like to discuss … Continued

American Evaluation Association: Evaluation 2023 “The Power of Story”

October 11th: “What Kind of Story Can Be Told By Your Organization’s Demographics?: Overcoming Challenges to Effectively Collect and Use Organizational Demographic Data”- Poster Presentation by Amy Lippincott, and Stephanie Coker (Senior Manager, Strategic Learning and Evaluation, CVS Health Foundation) “Putting Descartes Before the Report: How the Grid Design System Can Help Tell Your Evaluative … Continued

The Communications Network Annual Conference- ComNet23

“The Art of Narrative Change: From Community Listening to Immersive Theater” This poster presentation by Jessie Landerman, Senior Consultant, Integrated Initiatives will explore how we partnered with communities to create immersive theater, its impact on audiences at all stages of change, and lessons learned from evaluating theatergoers’ responses.

ComNet 2022

Collaboratively Creating a Sex-Positive Narrative About HIV That Centers Black Women Learn how and why we’re changing the narrative about HIV with and for Black women Jessie Landerman, Senior Consultant with Integrated Initiatives, shares a poster presentation exploring our Narrative Creation process and lessons learned from disseminating the narrative within the HIV and public health communities, … Continued

Mozilla Festival 2022

Welcome to our Open Source community! Join TCC Group and members of the MERL Center (the monitoring, evaluation, research and learning community creating resources about the intersection of MERL and open source, for people of any technology capacity) at MozFest for this session to discuss the collaboration power of the MERL Center, which helps members … Continued

GEO’s 2022 National Conference May 18th 10:30-11:45 CT

Radical Readiness: Who Decides Who’s Ready to Solve Complex Social Problems? In the tumultuous last couple of years, grantmakers and grantees appreciate the only way to rebuild, re-energize and recover, is to work collaboratively to address complex social problems. It is no longer enough to focus on strengthening individual grantees with the hope of enabling … Continued

Equity & Evaluation Practice in Cultural Organizations

With unprecedented attention to equity issues throughout the culture sector, how can evaluation practice in cultural organizations be equitable as well as feasible and effective? How do evaluator/sponsor power relations, community participation, funding, and related issues shape evaluation designs and how results are interpreted, distributed, and used? In the first of a series of three … Continued