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How Consultants Can Work With Organizations to Build Evaluation Capacity

Type: Speaking Engagement

How Consultants Can Work With Organizations to Build Evaluation Capacity

New York Consortium of Evaluators, in partnership with Evaluate for Change, is hosting a discussion on the “client/consultant relationship.” Our panel is comprised of individuals from the nonprofit and evaluation consulting fields. They will discuss how consultants and organizations can utilize different approaches to build infrastructure for a sustainable evaluation project. At the conclusion of … Continued

Northern California Grantmakers: How Strong Is My Corporate Citizenship Portfolio?

How to Align Programs and Maximize Your Impact Companies dedicate numerous resources to identify issues that are important to their stakeholders, but many companies develop program portfolios that don’t meet their expectations or fully support the goals of the company. In many cases, community program goals are not fully developed, and the programs provide minimal value to … Continued

2019 Africa Grantmakers’ Affinity Group (AGAG) Annual Conference

Since 2000, the AGAG Annual Conference has provided a unique benefit to the social sector as one of the few regular meetings with an international reach designed specifically for funders who support initiatives targeting Africa. This annual convening is designed to be a conversation among peers and an opportunity for funders to reinforce their personal commitment … Continued

Public-Private Partnerships: Risks and Opportunities for the Human Rights Movement

The aim of this session will be to help funders explore the potential of public-private partnerships for human rights, addressing how to assess opportunities to shift the needle on systemic issues, overcome challenges, and achieve specific partnership goals. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of the governance and accountability challenges of public-private partnerships, what … Continued

Funding Is Not Enough: Building the Supply Side of the Capacity Building Ecosystem

Through its Capacity Building 3.0 framework, TCC Group has partnered with dozens of foundations, nonprofits, government agencies, corporations, and local capacity builders in regions throughout the U.S. over the past few years, exploring ways they can acknowledge their respective roles in a larger ecosystem of change.   This session will focus on the critical role … Continued

The Exchange 2019

The theme of The Exchange 2019 is Shaping the Future Together: Philanthropy as Change Capital. During the two days, speakers will address a range of topics related to this theme, including the future of our democracy, economy, education system, and health system, among others. A variety of transformational approaches will be featured, including multi-sector collaboration, movement … Continued

Strengthening the Social Sector Ecosystem

The social sector is evolving beyond a framework of individual or organizational capacity to an ecosystem approach to solving complex community problems. Jared and Julie will highlight specific, Texas-based groups that are employing this ecosystem approach and seeing powerful results. Learn to assess the capacity of nonprofits using an ecosystem lens and how funders, the … Continued