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Pulled Two Ways: Finding the Balance Between Strategic and Reactive Grantmaking

Type: Webinar

Strategic Planning: Is Your Board Ready?

When considering whether to embark on a strategic planning project, there are a number of questions for an organization to consider. Have you done planning previously and, if so, how did it turn out? Will you do this yourselves or might you need an outside consultant? If the latter, do you have a budget? By … Continued

Telling Your CSR Impact Story with a Program Outcomes Framework

Companies are facing increasing pressure to report on the impact and results of their various corporate citizenship programs, not only to customers and advocacy groups but also to senior leaders and employees. Yet programs focusing on community and social issues may not have a framework that adequately captures and communicates their measures of success. As … Continued

Families Funding Change: How Social Justice Giving Honors Our Roots and Strengthens Communities

This webinar, presented in partnership with the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, will explore strategies family foundations can take to engage more deeply in grantmaking that builds toward long-term social change. The webinar will draw from case studies highlighted in NCRP’s new Families Funding Change report as well as the real life experiences of family … Continued

Arts Funding at Twenty-Five

To mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the publication of the first Arts Funding benchmark study, Grantmakers in the Arts (GIA) commissioned arts philanthropy researcher Steven Lawrence to prepare a reflection on changes in arts and culture funding over the past twenty-five years. Released in the Winter 2018 GIA Reader, “Arts Funding at Twenty-Five: What Data … Continued

Shine a Light: The Role of Consultants in Fostering a Learning Culture at Foundations

Why do foundations use consultants? Noticeably absent on the list of reasons is learning—yet learning is a particularly important attribute for foundations that grapple with complex issues in dynamic environments. This webinar will help you understand how to be more explicit about the value of fostering a learning culture in your foundation within the context … Continued

Fall 2019 CCAT Facilitator Training & Certification Program

The CCAT Facilitator Training & Certification Program is designed for nonprofit consultants and organizational development professionals looking to add expert interpretation of the Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT) to their consulting toolkit. Certified CCAT Facilitators provide guidance to nonprofit leadership in contextualizing the CCAT report and translating the results into meaningful and actionable capacity building … Continued

How Strong Is My Corporate Citizenship Portfolio? How to Assess to Align Programs and Maximize Impact—A Webinar

Companies dedicate numerous resources to identify issues that are important to their stakeholders, but many companies develop program portfolios that don’t meet stakeholder expectations or fully support the goals of the company. In many cases, community program goals are not fully developed, and the programs provide minimal value to the company’s efforts to meet stakeholder expectations. … Continued

Engaging the C-Suite: How to Build Internal Support for Your Corporate Citizenship Approach

Successful corporate citizens not only have a clear purpose, well defined goals, and a strong portfolio of programs—they also have the clear support of the CEO and senior leaders that understand the importance of integrating corporate citizenship into the culture and the business. In the majority of companies, however, senior leaders are not providing the … Continued