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How Funders can Effectively Support Volunteer-led Movements

Type: Webinar

How Funders can Effectively Support Volunteer-led Movements

How can funders effectively support volunteers in movement building? This interactive session examines how volunteers and organizations can work together as part of a movement, highlighting a recent collaboration between Wikimedia Foundation and TCC Group. Speakers will illustrate what they have learned about how funders can work effectively as part of a shared-ownership movement, exploring … Continued

CHANGE Philanthropy 2021 Unity Summit

The Unity Summit will host over 2,000 participants to expand their individual and institutional practice in order to advance equity with an intersectional lens, and with community at the center of our efforts. We seek to create space for all attendees to participate as thought leaders and philanthropic activists. The 2021 Unity Summit will be … Continued

Accelerating the Accelerators Conference 2021: Thriving Forward

Accelerating the Accelerators brings together purpose-first Entrepreneur Support Organization (ESO) leaders; accelerators, incubators, competitions, and fellowships from around the globe to learn, collaborate, and create the next generation of thriving founders, organizations, and support for innovation toward a better world in 2021 and beyond. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and America’s racial reckoning … Continued

Disrupting the Current Capacity Building Landscape

To solve the complex social sector challenges facing us today, we are evolving from discreet organizations attempting to achieve individual missions into communities willing to explore a more effective way to build our capacity to make change. This ecosystem approach tends to “disrupt” the traditional ways we have addressed the “who”, the “what,” and the … Continued

Equity & Evaluation Practice in Cultural Organizations

With unprecedented attention to equity issues throughout the culture sector, how can evaluation practice in cultural organizations be equitable as well as feasible and effective? How do evaluator/sponsor power relations, community participation, funding, and related issues shape evaluation designs and how results are interpreted, distributed, and used? In the first of a series of three … Continued

Effective Strategies for Supporting Public Policy Advocacy Campaigns

This webinar will help our private foundation members understand the rules for how they can participate in public policy advocacy. You will have a chance to interact with researchers from TCC documenting lessons from public policy advocacy campaigns supported by philanthropy. Consider how your foundation can add value to public policy advocacy and stay within … Continued

Spring 2022 CCAT Facilitator Certification Program

The CCAT Facilitator Certification Program is designed for nonprofit consultants and organizational development professionals looking to add expert interpretation of the Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT) to their consulting toolkit. Certified CCAT Facilitators provide guidance to nonprofit leadership in contextualizing the CCAT report and translating the results into meaningful and actionable capacity building plans. By … Continued

Fall 2022 CCAT Facilitator Training Program

Want to add expert interpretation of TCC Group’s CCAT to your consulting toolkit? TCC Group has trained hundreds of nonprofit consultants around the world in using the CCAT to lead change in organizations. Certified CCAT Facilitators provide expert guidance to nonprofit leaders to translate assessment results into meaningful organizational improvement. Sign Up for the Certification … Continued