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2019 Africa Grantmakers’ Affinity Group (AGAG) Annual Conference

Sector: Foundation

2019 Africa Grantmakers’ Affinity Group (AGAG) Annual Conference

Since 2000, the AGAG Annual Conference has provided a unique benefit to the social sector as one of the few regular meetings with an international reach designed specifically for funders who support initiatives targeting Africa. This annual convening is designed to be a conversation among peers and an opportunity for funders to reinforce their personal commitment … Continued

Making the Case for Inclusion of Muslim, Arab, and South Asian (MASA) communities into Racial Justice, Immigration Portfolios

Making the Case for Inclusion of Muslim, Arab, and South Asian (MASA) communities into Racial Justice, Immigration Portfolios will explore how organizations and activists in the MASA field are identifying as part of the racial justice movement and how funders are aligning funding to MASA and Muslim communities within a racial justice portfolio. The afternoon … Continued

Essential Skills and Strategies for New Program Officers

Philanthropy New York’s Essential Skills and Strategies for New Program Officers (ESS) orients new program officers and directors to their role as funders. This multiday intensive course helps philanthropy newcomers build a framework for understanding and implementing ethical and effective grantmaking. It is a part of the PNY Core offerings. The program prepares program officers and directors for the … Continued

Activating Philanthropy’s Power for Change: The Role of Self-Assessment and Honest Feedback

Taking time out for self-assessment and learning is an important part of the organizational cycle of planning, action and reflection. In the process, how can funders receive and make the most of honest feedback to ensure that they are employing responsive strategies, making better grants and building stronger relationships? To support grantmakers on this journey, … Continued

2019 National HIV Prevention Conference

Combatting Stigma in Diverse Populations In 2017, ViiV Healthcare launched the Positive Action for Youth (PAFY) and Positive Action for Women (PAFW) grant programs. PAFY supports grantees working on supporting youth living with HIV as they transition from youth to adult HIV care. PAFW supports grantees working with women of color living with HIV (inclusive … Continued

Grantmaking in the Age of Trump – Insights From Philanthropy Advisors

Many people are talking about the significant and polarizing effect the current Administration is having on a huge range of issues and communities and how various appointments, from Cabinet to judicial, will transform laws and policies on a range of topics, from immigration to women’s reproductive rights, transgender rights, and the environment.  These changes, whether … Continued

Arts Funding at Twenty-Five

To mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the publication of the first Arts Funding benchmark study, Grantmakers in the Arts (GIA) commissioned arts philanthropy researcher Steven Lawrence to prepare a reflection on changes in arts and culture funding over the past twenty-five years. Released in the Winter 2018 GIA Reader, “Arts Funding at Twenty-Five: What Data … Continued

Funding Is Not Enough: Building the Supply Side of the Capacity Building Ecosystem

Through its Capacity Building 3.0 framework, TCC Group has partnered with dozens of foundations, nonprofits, government agencies, corporations, and local capacity builders in regions throughout the U.S. over the past few years, exploring ways they can acknowledge their respective roles in a larger ecosystem of change.   This session will focus on the critical role … Continued

Effective Strategies for Supporting Public Policy Advocacy Campaigns

This webinar will help our private foundation members understand the rules for how they can participate in public policy advocacy. You will have a chance to interact with researchers from TCC documenting lessons from public policy advocacy campaigns supported by philanthropy. Consider how your foundation can add value to public policy advocacy and stay within … Continued

It’s Not Just That You Collaborate, It’s The Way You Collaborate

Come and engage in a dynamic conversation about the ethical principles that should be at the forefront of foundation collaboration! Through peer-to-peer debate and learning, participants will be invited to explore the content of proposed principles and exchange ideas on how they could be applied to advance their own organization’s programming and shared with the … Continued