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Grantmakers in Health Annual Conference on Health Philanthropy

Sector: Foundation

Grantmakers in Health Annual Conference on Health Philanthropy

“Show Me the Money: Bold Approaches to Shifting Power to the Grass Roots” Panel presentation by TCC’s Marysol Fernández Harvey, Associate Consultant, Integrated Initiatives, Dr. Sulma Gandhi, Hawaiʻi Health Program Officer at the Stupski Foundation, and Lauren Wilkie, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Point Source Youth. The program will be moderated by TCC’s Emily Klukas, … Continued

Fall 2022 CCAT Facilitator Training Program

Want to add expert interpretation of TCC Group’s CCAT to your consulting toolkit? TCC Group has trained hundreds of nonprofit consultants around the world in using the CCAT to lead change in organizations. Certified CCAT Facilitators provide expert guidance to nonprofit leaders to translate assessment results into meaningful organizational improvement. Sign Up for the Certification … Continued

CHANGE Philanthropy 2021 Unity Summit

The Unity Summit will host over 2,000 participants to expand their individual and institutional practice in order to advance equity with an intersectional lens, and with community at the center of our efforts. We seek to create space for all attendees to participate as thought leaders and philanthropic activists. The 2021 Unity Summit will be … Continued

R/evolution: The 2021 Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy National Conference

R/evolution recognizes and honors the evolution of Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy (EPIP) and the sector over the last 20 years along with the movement moment that EPIP members and foundations are navigating here and now—the revolution. As EPIP celebrates its 20th anniversary, we continue to reimagine philanthropy so that it better nurtures and uplifts emerging Black, Indigenous, queer, … Continued

Lessons From the Casey Foundation’s Strategic Coinvestor Approach to Community Change

In 2012, the Annie E. Casey Foundation launched its seven-year Family-Centered Community Change™ (FCCC) initiative to support local partnerships in three high-poverty neighborhoods as they developed a more integrated set of services — including high-quality education, job training and housing assistance — to help parents and children succeed together in what is known as a … Continued

2020 American Evaluation Annual International Conference

The virtual experience will feature about 120 sessions over the course of four days, to be accessed from the comfort of your home or office. While the number of sessions is reduced from our annual in-person conference, you will have access to the virtual session recordings for three months following Eval20 Reimagined, allowing you to … Continued

PEAK 2020 Online: Strategic Grantmaking: How Can Evaluation Help Grantmakers Think Forward?

Over time, the utility of grant evaluations has deepened from simple accountability to outcomes measurement—from demonstrating that funds were used in the intended manner, to determining whether or not they achieved the intended results. But what if evaluation could also help grantmakers determine what to invest in, and when? These questions are of particular importance … Continued

PEAK Grantmaking 2020 Annual Conference

Tie Practices to Values. Narrow the Power Gap. Drive Equity. Learn, Share, Evolve. Steward Responsibly. Across three days in Seattle, join the grantmaking community to move these ideas to the front lines of philanthropy. Together, we’ll delve into how we can put the five Principles for Peak Grantmaking into practice—transforming how grants get made. Engage in … Continued

2019 American Evaluation Annual International Conference

Wednesday, November 13 12:00pm – 3:00pm: 55: Concepts, Design Strategies, and Instruments for Evaluating Advocacy and Policy Change Initiatives Presenters Annette Lenore Gardner, Assistant Professor, University of California, San Francisco (Lead Presenter) Jared Raynor, Director, Evaluation & Learning, TCC Group 5:45pm – 6:30pm: 2648: The Art of Storytelling in Evaluation Ijeoma Ezeofor, Consultant, TCC Group … Continued

Health Equity Research Learning Exchange

Hosted at the 2019 Grantmakers in Health Annual conference, the Health Equity Research Learning Exchange is part of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s (RWJF) institutional effort to advance health equity through the new Health Equity Research Initiative: Exploring New Frontiers of Health Equity Research. The Initiative will encompass a sustained and collaborative set of learning dialogues, … Continued