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One Size Does Not Fit All: Program Management Software Solutions

As today’s leading companies launch and expand corporate citizenship programs, they continue to seek greater social and environmental impact. While they operate at various levels of scale, they all face critical challenges around tracking and reporting data, operational inefficiencies, and nonprofit relations. When it comes to researching and selecting a…

Our Team

Virginia DelGaldo

Financial clarity, strength, and stability An approachable and respected leader, Virginia is the financial steward and operational excellence accelerator for TCC Group. Focused on clarity, simplicity, and efficiency, she has a strong track record of advancing the internal systems and financial management of the firm. She recently implemented a leading-edge…

Insights & Perspectives

FAQs: Foundation Core Capacity Assessment Tool (FCCAT)

WHAT IS THE HISTORY BEHIND THE FCCAT? For many years, the social sector has witnessed an increase in the attention paid to nonprofit and grantee capacity, but comparatively little formal and field-wide examination of the kinds of institutional capacity needed by foundations to deliver on their missions. There have been…

Our Team

Priya Dadlani

Utilizing technologies to create efficiencies and support capacity research Educated as a journalist, Priya has an intuitive and inquisitive approach to finding and cultivating solutions for administrative efficiencies, while also contributing to capacity research to support nonprofit client strategies. Her career in the social sector began in college as a…

Insights & Perspectives

From “Good” to “Great” (or Better Yet, Impactful)

Does a “good board” really a strong organization make? Fixing your board…that’s what many of us in leadership positions in the nonprofit sector believe it takes to improve our organizational impact. But how much does developing and educating your board really improve the way your organization does its work?