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Insights & Perspectives

A New Approach to Capacity Building

TCC's Directors published "Relational Capacity: A New Approach to Capacity Building in Philanthropy" in the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy's winter journal. The article outlines a new vision of the relationship between funders and nonprofits, one that is collaborative, mutual and iterative. Today's complex challenges require more effective collaboration within…

Insights & Perspectives

10 Key Factors to Help Funders Thrive

Drawing on our client work in the intervening decade, TCC Group professionals have identified important key factors that help foundations overcome unique challenges, provide strategic clarity, and chart a successful path forward. In our latest briefing paper, Ten Keys – Ten Years Later: Successful Strategic Planning for Foundation Leaders, we…


A Framework for Successful Corporate Citizenship

A Framework for Successful Corporate Citizenship highlights the critical elements and practices used by leading corporate citizens, such as IBM and Starbucks. In this complex world, many companies make large capital investments in their citizenship programs but only few achieve their social impact goals.


Capacity Building 3.0: How to Strengthen the Social Ecosystem

The social sector has evolved to incorporate multiple stakeholders and organizations to solve social issues, working together in a larger ecosystem to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and scale. The process of building the systems, structures, and skills necessary for success in this environment, commonly referred to as “capacity building,” has played…


Foundation Strategies to Inform Federal Policy in the United States

A Study to Support the Evaluation of the Rockefeller Foundation’s Promoting Equitable and Sustainable Transportation Initiative Using philanthropy as a strategy for federal policy reform in the United States is not a new concept. Yet, little has been done to assess exactly why foundations choose to engage in federal policy…


Pathways to Grow Impact: Philanthropy’s Role in the Journey

This briefing paper is the result of a collaborative project with Ashoka, Social Impact Exchange, Taproot Foundation, and TCC Group that sought to answer the question: How can grantmakers best support high-performing nonprofits in their efforts to grow their impact? “Pathways to Grow Impact” is for any grantmaker who wants…