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How Strong is my Corporate Citizenship Portfolio?: How to Assess to Align Programs and Maximize Impact

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How Strong is my Corporate Citizenship Portfolio?: How to Assess to Align Programs and Maximize Impact

Companies dedicate numerous resources to identify issues that are important to their stakeholders, but many companies develop program portfolios that don’t meet stakeholder expectations or fully support the goals of the company. In many cases, community program goals are not fully developed, and the programs provide minimal value to the company’s efforts to meet stakeholder expectations. … Continued

2019 American Evaluation Annual International Conference

Wednesday, November 13 12:00pm – 3:00pm: 55: Concepts, Design Strategies, and Instruments for Evaluating Advocacy and Policy Change Initiatives Presenters Annette Lenore Gardner, Assistant Professor, University of California, San Francisco (Lead Presenter) Jared Raynor, Director, Evaluation & Learning, TCC Group 5:45pm – 6:30pm: 2648: The Art of Storytelling in Evaluation Ijeoma Ezeofor, Consultant, TCC Group … Continued

Engaging the C-Suite: How to Build Internal Support for Your Corporate Citizenship Approach

Successful corporate citizens not only have a clear purpose, well defined goals, and a strong portfolio of programs—they also have the clear support of the CEO and senior leaders that understand the importance of integrating corporate citizenship into the culture and the business. In the majority of companies, however, senior leaders are not providing the … Continued

GEO’s 2022 National Conference May 18th 10:30-11:45 CT

Radical Readiness: Who Decides Who’s Ready to Solve Complex Social Problems? In the tumultuous last couple of years, grantmakers and grantees appreciate the only way to rebuild, re-energize and recover, is to work collaboratively to address complex social problems. It is no longer enough to focus on strengthening individual grantees with the hope of enabling … Continued

A Framework for Developing High-Impact Corporate Programs

Successful high-impact corporate philanthropy programs generate numerous positive, measurable results for both businesses and society. Thomas Knowlton, partner and director of the corporate practice at TCC Group, and Erica Weinberg, senior consultant at TCC Group, will share a new framework for thinking about how to assess, develop, and execute successful high-impact programs. They’ll address common … Continued

Fall 2022 CCAT Facilitator Training Program

Want to add expert interpretation of TCC Group’s CCAT to your consulting toolkit? TCC Group has trained hundreds of nonprofit consultants around the world in using the CCAT to lead change in organizations. Certified CCAT Facilitators provide expert guidance to nonprofit leaders to translate assessment results into meaningful organizational improvement. Sign Up for the Certification … Continued

Funding Is Not Enough: Building the Supply Side of the Capacity Building Ecosystem

Through its Capacity Building 3.0 framework, TCC Group has partnered with dozens of foundations, nonprofits, government agencies, corporations, and local capacity builders in regions throughout the U.S. over the past few years, exploring ways they can acknowledge their respective roles in a larger ecosystem of change.   This session will focus on the critical role … Continued