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CCAT New Facilitator Training Part 2

Sector: Nonprofit

CCAT New Facilitator Training Part 2

The second webinar will continue the discussion of CCAT theory and best practices for facilitating the CCAT, and it includes an in-depth Q&A session. To learn more about the CCAT and becoming a CCAT facilitator, visit the CCAT Help Desk.

The Exchange 2019

The theme of The Exchange 2019 is Shaping the Future Together: Philanthropy as Change Capital. During the two days, speakers will address a range of topics related to this theme, including the future of our democracy, economy, education system, and health system, among others. A variety of transformational approaches will be featured, including multi-sector collaboration, movement … Continued

Ahead of the Curve Symposium

This event will bring together approximately 200 nonprofit leaders and capacity builders from across the region to explore key issues around: creating effective board and governance structures for the future; new funding and financing tools like impact investments; redesigning and restructuring for organizational success; avoiding nonprofit closure; and planning for CEO succession. Hosts Support Center … Continued

2019 Grantmakers In Health Annual Conference on Health Philanthropy

The Grantmakers In Health Annual Conference on Health Philanthropy is the largest annual gathering of health funders in the country, and the best place to learn from seasoned experts and philanthropic leadership and exchange information, ideas, and insights with colleagues. This year’s theme is, “Ideas. Innovations. Impact.” Using All the Tools in the Policy Change … Continued

New Frameworks for Measuring Capacity and Assessing Performance

If we start with the assumption that—in order to improve our social sector as a whole—those who do the work to strengthen our communities (the nonprofits) are equally as critical as those responsible for providing the resources for the work to get done (the foundations), then why wouldn’t we expect all social sector actors to … Continued

Fall 2019 CCAT Facilitator Training & Certification Program

The CCAT Facilitator Training & Certification Program is designed for nonprofit consultants and organizational development professionals looking to add expert interpretation of the Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT) to their consulting toolkit. Certified CCAT Facilitators provide guidance to nonprofit leadership in contextualizing the CCAT report and translating the results into meaningful and actionable capacity building … Continued

The Secret to Building Fundraising Capacity

When you ask any nonprofit what it needs most, you will ALWAYS get the same answer…money. But is it really that cut and dried? The secret to successful fundraising actually lies in an organization’s ability to convey clearly WHAT it is raising money for, WHY it remains relevant in the social sector as a whole, … Continued

2019 American Evaluation Annual International Conference

Wednesday, November 13 12:00pm – 3:00pm: 55: Concepts, Design Strategies, and Instruments for Evaluating Advocacy and Policy Change Initiatives Presenters Annette Lenore Gardner, Assistant Professor, University of California, San Francisco (Lead Presenter) Jared Raynor, Director, Evaluation & Learning, TCC Group 5:45pm – 6:30pm: 2648: The Art of Storytelling in Evaluation Ijeoma Ezeofor, Consultant, TCC Group … Continued

Strengthening the Social Sector Ecosystem

The social sector is evolving beyond a framework of individual or organizational capacity to an ecosystem approach to solving complex community problems. Jared and Julie will highlight specific, Texas-based groups that are employing this ecosystem approach and seeing powerful results. Learn to assess the capacity of nonprofits using an ecosystem lens and how funders, the … Continued

BoardSource Leadership Forum

BoardSource gathers more than 1,000 board members, chief executives, staff, and nonprofit professionals for two days to discuss the newest thinking and best practices in nonprofit governance and leadership. Through plenary sessions, workshops, discussions, presentations, and networking events, participants learn how to guide their organizations toward greater impact and mission fulfillment. Thursday, May 7 4:30pm … Continued