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Grantee Capacity-Building Practice at the Walton Family Foundation

Type: Report

Grantee Capacity-Building Practice at the Walton Family Foundation

Review and Recommendations for Accelerating Impact As part of the Walton Family Foundation’s 2025 Strategy, the intentional building of grantee partners’ capacity emerged as a common practice across all the foundation’s programs and departments. As grantmaking from the 2025 Strategy has grown and matured—including the foundation’s grants to build its grantee partners’ capacity—recognition has increased … Continued

Bold Problems Require Bold Funders, Implementers, and Solutions: Results from Testing a New Philanthropic Model

At least 241 pledges have been made by philanthropists from 29 different countries to give the majority of their wealth to charitable causes during their lifetimes or in their wills. Most of this money, however, remains on the sidelines despite the urgency of local, national and global social and economic challenges because would-be donors have … Continued

Accelerating Promising Practices for Small and Rural Libraries (APP) Program Report

The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS)’s Accelerating Promising Practices for Small and Rural Libraries (APP) program was designed to support libraries serving smaller and more rural communities as they develop community-prioritized services that would document community histories, advance digital inclusion of residents, and transform school-based libraries into centers of learning. The program is … Continued

Evaluating Impact: Pre-K for PA Campaign, Learning & Insights From Eight Years of a State-Based Advocacy Initiative

In 2014, TCC Group was funded by the William Penn Foundation to serve as an embedded evaluator to the Pre-K for PA Campaign, an advocacy campaign comprised of members throughout Pennsylvania working together to increase access to, and the affordability of, high-quality pre-kindergarten programs in the state. While we observed the Campaign’s internal dynamics at … Continued

Our Own North Stars: Supporting the Next Generation of Leaders- Learnings from the Positive Action for Youth Initiative

“Each young person is so radically different- they each have their north star.  And our programs have to reflect that.” – Adult Lead, Grantee Project, ViiV Healthcare’s Positive Action for Youth  Funders seeking sustainable change to social issues affecting young people often use a ‘pause and reflect’ time to re-align and re-center to ensure equity … Continued

Culture of Health Leaders: Policy Change Findings

Organizational and public policies can heavily impact whether or not equity is achieved in our health system. TCC Group, as evaluators for a set of national leadership development programs funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, analyzed the extent to which Culture of Health Leaders participants and alumni reported involvement in policy change. This report … Continued

Investing in Grassroots Advocacy: A Funder’s Guide

Many foundations focused on equity have increased their support for Grassroots Advocacy Organizations (GRAOs) in recent years.  The Connecticut Health Foundation, with a mission focused on improving health outcomes for people of color and ensuring that all Connecticut residents have access to affordable and high-quality care, commissioned TCC Group to help it gain a better … Continued

Pathways to Policy Durability: Insights for Advocates and their Funders

For over a century, American policymakers have worked to implement policies that conserve natural resources and protect the environment, from Theodore Roosevelt’s efforts to establish national parks and the measures enacted in the wake of the Dust Bowl all the way to the efforts of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. But simply passing … Continued

From Risk to Reasons: A Guide for Communicating and Connecting with Black Women about HIV

ViiV Healthcare’s Risk to Reasons initiative is designed to reframe and refocus HIV prevention and care for Black women. Guided by advocates across the country, Risk to Reasons sets out to develop new messages, new messengers and new methods to increase awareness and action around HIV prevention and care to Black women of cis and trans experience. The initiative creates content, funds community action and connects advocates across the country to change the impact of HIV in Black communities and connect more Black women to prevention and care.
The Risk to Reasons guide was co-created by ViiV Healthcare and the Black Women’s Working Group to Reframe Risk. A committee of Black women living with and working in HIV collaborated with ViiV Healthcare to challenge existing HIV prevention approaches and develop new recommendations for communicating and connecting with Black women about HIV. We would like to thank the dedicated members of this group, many of whom are named in this report, as well as all the women who have generously shared their insights, ideas and experiences.